Princeton Tec’s story begins in 1975 with the “Bottom Timer”, the first, fully automatic underwater stopwatch for SCUBA divers.

In the mid 1970s, only one luxury brand made a waterproof wristwatch, which was unaffordable for most divers. The Bottom Timer was the first fully automatic, waterproof stopwatch that tracked your time underwater.

Soon after, Princeton Tec launched another piece of equipment also aimed at divers – the “Bottom Light”. This was an affordable, waterproof flashlight.

It lights a path for Princeton Tec that continues to this day.

The Bottom Light evolved into the TEC 40 and TEC 400 (which they still produce today). To this mix, they added the iconic Sector 5 & Sector 7 pistol grip spotlights. Today, Princeton Tec’s product line covers a wide range of lighting equipment, spanning different needs – underwater, camping, cycling, emergency/survival and industrial.

Check out their gear below: